Option #1:


Click the link above and download the pdf order form to mail in to us. 

The reason we ask you to mail in your ticket is so that we can make a high resolution scan which in turn makes your item look its best. 

We return your ticket with your order completely unharmed. 

If you have a decent scanner, you can do what we do. 

Our experience has taught us that phone captures don’t hang with a good scanner. 

We want you to be freaked out happy when you get your items and to do that, we want to start with a good scan.

Option #2 :


Once you complete the checkout process for your order, please email your ticket image to orders@concertmats.com.

All work is done in house by real live humans.


How long will it take to get my order?

In house time for production is four business days. We will ship your mat on or before the fourth day. Shipping is via UPS Ground Service and will take two to four days depending on your location relative to New Orleans, Louisiana. Canadian orders may take longer due to customs. All told, your piece will be back to you within 7 to 10 days of the day we recieve the order. We are unable to provide tracking information for your order.

What are your shipping charges?

A single 24”x36” mat, mug or blanket will have a $15 shipping charge. If you order multiple items or a large mat, the shipping will be a flat $25. If you are Canadian or Hawaiian, know that we love you and wish we could charge less for shipping but $50 is where we find ourselves. If we can reduce this in the future, we will.

How durable are these products?

These products are made using the latest sublimation technology. The images are very stable and are actually a part of the object they land on. The only caveat is that these items will fade if exposed to direct sunlight over an extended period of time. If you want the image on your item to remain crisp, you’ll keep it out of the sun’s badass UV radiation. If your mat gets dirty, get a carpet shampoo and get after it. You will not hurt the image with soap and water or carpet shampoo. Make sure you rinse with clean water as residual soap can be sticky and attract more dirt. I learned that selling vacuum cleaners door to door.

What is the difference between Full Bleed & Full Ticket?

The Full Bleed option crops the ticket edges to leave no space around ticket. The Full Ticket option features the entire ticket with black borders at the top and bottom to fill in the rest of the mat.