Introducing ConcertMetals!

Love the mat but want something nicer? Check out these image infused aluminum panels. These panels are hyper detailed and super dynamic. Still, they mesh in fine with more traditional printing methods if you’re working it into an existing arrangement.

We offer custom ConcertMetals from your stubs in 14” wide,20” wide, and 30” wide sizes. The height of your metal will depend upon the original dimensions of your ticket and whether you want us to make yours “full ticket” or “full metal”. If you order full metal, the final size of your piece will be 11x14, 16x20 or 20x30 depending on which size you order. 11x14, 16x20 and 20x30 are the maximum image sizes.

14” ConcertMetal $59
20” ConcertMetal $99
30” ConcertMetal $129

Shipping for any size is $25. We are not making money on the shipping. These have to be shipped flat and require protection from the punt, pass and kick the shippers do with packages. Best we can do. Really.

Want us to make a collage? Collage fee is $25 for the first 20 items and $1 for every item after that. Example, If you have 17 tickets, your collage fee is $25. If you have twenty tickets, your collage fee is $25. If you have 22 tickets, your collage fee will be $27.

These are handmade, one of a kind reproductions. The image actually becomes a part of the aluminum coating. These are impervious to liquid and clean with a wet rag. I can almost guarantee people will say “where did you get this?” Then you can direct them here. If displayed indoor under normal lighting conditions, these panels will outlast your grand kid’s kids. There is a mount on the back of your metal that hangs on a nail. ConcertMetals hang on your wall with one nail!

The high definition, vibrant colors coupled with superior fade, moisture, stain, & scratch resistant properties make ConcertMetals an excellent choice for commercial fine art, and home decor applications.

Got special requests? Put them on the order form!!! We’re a custom shop and we follow instructions.